Powder paint

FamilyGridDescriptionCas NumberProperties
Epoxy resinsSEA TP-EP903 (E-12)Diglycidyl Bisphenol A Epoxy Resin25068-38-6Equivalent Epoxy 715-910 g/eq; Traditional Solid Epoxy Powder Paint
Polyester ResinsSEA TP-PR_TGIC-SeriesPolyester resinTGIC Polyester Curing Resin
SEA TP-PR_Primid/ HAA-SeriesPolyester resinPrimid/HAA Curing Polyester Resin
SEA TP-PR_Carboxilada-SeriesPolyester resinPolyester Resin Carboxylic Function
Acrylic ResinsSEA TP-Acrílicas-SeriesAcrylic ResinAcrylic Resin Powder Paint
Healing AgentsSEA TP-TGICTriglycidyl Isocyanurate2451-62-9Traditional Healing Agent
SEA TP-105M (Primid | HAA )N,N,N’,N’-Tetrakis(2-hydroxyethyl)adipamide6334-25-4Low Toxicity Curing Agent
SEA TP-312-Phenyl-2-imidazoline936-49-2Low Temperature Curing Agent and Matting
Flow AgentsSEA TP-88Amorphous Silica Modified Acrylic PolymerLeveling Agent / Traditional Powder Paint Flow
SEA TP-LV300-SeriesPolyacrylate Acrylic PolymerLeveling Agents / Liquid Flow based Polyacrylates
Matting AgentsSEA TP-68Mono(phenyl imidazoline) salt of Pyromellitic Acid54553-90-1TGIC Hybrid System; Indoor Application
SEA TP-55Di(2-phenyl-2-imidazoline) Pyromellitic Acid Salt54553-91-2TGIC Hybrid System; Indoor Application
SEA TP-3329Modified Polyethylene Wax9002-88-4TGIC & Primid/HAA Hybrid System; Outdoor Application
SEA TP-929Wax-based matting agent100% Polyester TGIC System
SEA TP-900*Wax-based matting agent100% Polyester Primid/HAA System
Degassing AgentsSEA TP-Benzoin2-hydroxy-2-phenylacetophenone; benzoin119-53-9Traditional grid TGIC system
SEA TP-D400Modified waxMicronized Waxes based degassers
SEA TP-D1000Modified waxPrimid / HAA system degassers
Texture agentsSEA TP-508TXAModified waxMacro Texture Agent
SEA TP-1830TXAModified waxMicro Texture Agent
Titanium dioxideSEA TP-TiO2Titanium dioxide13463-67-7Titanium Dioxide Pigment
Barium sulphateSEA TP-SBBarium sulphate7727-43-7Barium Sulfate Load
Micronized waxesSEA TP-Wax-SeriesMicronized waxesAnti-Scratch Waxes, Matting based on PP, PE, PTFE and their mixtures
Pyrogyne SilicaSQisiL-SeriesHydrophilic and Hydrophobic Pyrogance Silica68611-44-9 ;
112945-52-5 ;
Anti-Sediment Agents, Anti-Sag, Fluidity Agents, etc.
Pyrogenic AluminaSQisiL AP 100Pyrogenic Aluminum Oxide1344-28-1Anti-Sedimenting, Anti-Draining, Fluidity Agents, etc.
AntioxidantsSQ NOX-SeriesAntioxidant AdditivesPrevent ink degradation generated by temperature
UV / HALS absorbersSQ UV-SeriesAnti-UV Additives, UV Absorbers, HALSPrevent ink degradation generated by UV radiation
BentoniteSQ TONE-SeriesOrganoclay, Bentonite, Rheological AgentsRheology Controllers