The company has its own distribution center in Southern Brazil, 10 minutes from Itajaí Port, with 2 thousand square meters. They receive 900 tonnes of raw material from Asia and Europe each year, which is properly stocked in bulk within the highest quality standards. They have a laboratory for chemical, physicochemical and application analysis. With efficient logistics and 24X7 technical support, they are agents and distributors of the foreign manufacturer in Brazil and experts in indent sales.


SQ Química was founded in 2011. It has offices in São Paulo and Santa Catarina. It is formed by a group of young professionals, with market experience, who aims to do business in a different, trendy and rapid way.

The world has changed. They know it and are part of this. They listen to the customer carefully. They bring innovation and vitality. They know the latest and the greatest in the global market. They go and see beyond.

Petra Shie

Graduated in Foreign Trade, has an MBA Degree in Global Markets and takes care of SQ marketing and strategic planning.


[email protected]

Phone: + 55 (19)3244-3487

Mobile: (11) 99494-4044

Janaina souza

She’s our commercial director, leads the sales team and supports customers to make the most assertive decisions. Her 12-year experience in the chemical market is the credential needed to securely assess the real potential of each project.


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Phone:  + 55 (19) 3244-3487

Mobile:  + 55 (19) 99635-0856

Rafael santos

He is a production engineer, expert in high performance chemistry and is responsible for the technical part. Its activities range from the development of new products to the discovery of markets and the selection of suppliers.


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Phone:  + 55 (19) 3244-3487
Mobile: + 55 (19) 98891-3045

Lucas santos

Bachelor of Production Engineering, is also a mechatronic technician. He’s responsible for international negotiations, supply chain management and indent sales.


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Phone: + 55 (19) 3244-3487
Mobile: + 55 (19) 98293-4830

Marcelo Cesário

Chemist with an MBA Degree in Industrial Management at FGV, Marcelo Cesário is a new business coordinator. He has a 13-year experience as industrial manager in the graphic industry.


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Phone: +55 (19) 3244-3487
Mobile: +55 (19) 98444-2009